The Seminole Pumpkin

I joined a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. As part of a CSA my local farmers bring me a box of vegetables each week – delivered right to my office! CSA programs are a great way to get to know your local farmers, try out fruits and vegetables that you might not have found in your local grocery store and membership has been associated with various health benefits.

In some ways being a part of a CSA is like being on the TV show “Chopped”. You get a box of random vegetables (some of which you have never heard of) and you are challenged to find a way to cook and serve these vegetables to your family. Sadly, there is no cash prize at the end of the week but sometimes you get some cool recipes that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. This week my local farmers challenged me to figure out a way to cook the Seminole Pumpkin.

The Seminole Pumpkin is a common pumpkin variety found in south Florida gardens due to its ability to tolerate the Florida heat. These pumpkins weight between 6-12 pounds and are firmer and have less fibers than a traditional pumpkin you buy on Halloween. According to my web search – one of the best uses for the Seminole pumpkin is a fried pumpkin bread. Read more about my attempt at making this traditional recipe below – including my visit from the local fire department.

Fried Seminole Pumpkin Bread

1. Cook the Pumpkin 

So little did I know just cooking the pumpkin involves a TON of steps.

Cook Pumpkin Part 1
Step 1: Take off pumpkin stem
Step 2: Cut the pumpkin in half
Step 3: Scoop out pumpkin seeds
Step 4: Make sure there are no seeds left
Step 5: Place pumpkin halves face down and bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes
Step 6: Scoop out insides into a bowl

2. Mix in the ingredients 

Once you get through cooking and prepping your pumpkin – you finally get to start working on the actual recipe.

Step 7: Mix in all ingredients (1/2 cup white sugar, 3 cups flour, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice, 1 tsp cinnamon)

3. Heat vegetable oil in fry pan (1 inch deep)

Don’t forget to put on the fan above the stove!!!

4. Form patties with pumpkin mixture and lightly fry in oil for 4 seconds each side

Finished product!!!

SPECIAL TIP: Again make sure you turn on your oven fan BEFORE you start heating the oil or else your house may or may not fill up with smoke and ADT may or may not call the fire department which may or may not be required to come check on your house……

The fire truck that visited my house this afternoon….

Happy planting and eating!

~The Gardening Dietitian

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