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One thing I often struggle with is finding great recipes that I can make that will use the things that grow in my garden. In addition, as a mom I am always looking for nutritious QUICK meals I can make for my family. On this page, I will be sharing with you recipes that either I have created or reviewed to help solve these problems!

Garden to Plate Recipes

The Seminole Pumpkin

“In some ways being a part of a CSA is like being on the TV show “Chopped”. You get a box of random vegetables (some of which you have never heard of) and you are challenged to find a way to cook and serve these vegetables to your family. Sadly, there is no cash prize at the end of the week but sometimes you get some cool recipes that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.”

Carrots: From Root to Stem

“So the challenge was to try and prepare the carrot so that we could eat every part of it. As such, I scoured the web and found the most popular way to do this was by roasting the carrot roots and by turning the carrot tops into a carrot top chimichurri sauce.”

MicroGreens – Sunflowers

“Microgreens are edible immature greens that are harvested less than a month after germination. Although they have been a staple of fine dining establishments for awhile – microgreens are hot hot hot right now!”

A Raddish is Nothing Like a Beet

I am going to start out this story by telling you it has been a long week and I have been under a lot of stress lately.

Quick and Easy Family Meal Recipes

Family Pizza Night

“This is one of my favorite things to do as a family because not only do we all get to enjoy spending time together, we actually all work together to build the pizza which ensures EVERYONE in the family will eat it! Have I mentioned yet that this pizza is soooo much better than the kind you order from the store.”

Homemade Cheese Crackers

“Small child started school, which like many parents, I started looking more closely at the snacks he was eating and bringing to school. Did you know you can make a lot of them from scratch as well! By making his snacks from scratch, I am not only reducing the amount of processing in the snacks, I am also able to control the amounts of fat, sodium and sugar I put in them. #Dietitianmomwin!”

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