The Gnome Herb Garden: An Introduction

“Gnomes Made Me Do It!” ~ Unknown

We did a thing this week. After weeks of staring and contemplating what to do with our front garden we finally made a decision. Herbs! We need more herbs! Herbs are kinda like the cowbell – you can never have enough! Yes, we have the aerogarden that currently contains dill, basil, thyme and parsley. Yes, we have the basil plants in the front garden but we NEED more!!!!

Supplies and Materials: Next it was time to shop. My mother in law was in town so we were provoked to go over for an adventure at Flamingo Gardens to peruse the herbs. Of course, we never do anything small so we left Flamingo Gardens with 8 herb plants and some organic planting soil.   Since this garden was going right in front of the house, where I will see it every day, I didn’t want to make it just an ordinary herb garden. I also have been trying to think of fun ways to get small child involved with our gardening efforts. Thats when the idea behind the gnome garden came to me! So we headed to Michaels and got some small white picket fencing and a few gnomes! It was then time to get to work!


What We Did: We started by pulling out all the dead flowers, plants and other organic materials that had been hanging out in the garden since we moved in. We left the 3 eggplant plants, 2 tomato plants, 1 orange pepper plant, basil, the asparagus garden, purple sweet potato bush and the butter lettuce I planted a month and a half ago in the center of the garden. This left the two ends of the garden completely open and ready for re-planting! We added the soil to the garden bed – being careful to spread it evenly so the existing plants could soak up the nutrients as well. Planted our herbs. Added the gnomey (yes I just made that word up) details and labeled our herbs. Alas the gnome herb garden was born!!!


Meet the Herbs!



Happy planting and eating!

~ The Gardening Dietitian

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