CSA Recipes

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are programs in which individuals can buy a “share” of the harvest directly from their local farmers. Usually CSAs are run like a subscription service where you pay up front for the season and then each week (or biweekly depending on the program) you receive a basket of the fruits and vegetables the farm produces.

There are many benefits of participating in CSAs including:

  • Getting super fresh food straight from the farm (many times this is organic produce)
  • Lower costs for your fruits and vegetables
  • Trying new produce
  • Getting to develop relationships with your local farmers
  • Health benefits from eating fresh fruits and vegetables each week
  • Buying local foods is good for the environment

I am lucky enough to get to participate in the Urban Vegetable Garden CSA program here in south Florida. As a member of the program I try to challenge myself each week to cook up something delicious with the produce I receive and will be posting what I come up with (along with the nutritional benefits of the produce) via the blog links below!

The Seminole Pumpkin

Carrots: From Root to Stem

MicroGreens – Sunflowers

A Radish is Nothing Like a Beet

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